HST 354 Test II outlines

HST 354 Test II outlines - 1. Reasons for failure I) II)...

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1. Reasons for failure I) military power holders decentralized the government---warlords often declare independence II) Japanese emerge as key imperialist nation III) Monarchy, 21 Demands, rise of warlords create a sense of urgency for change Blurriness of the constitution o Yuan had no control over cabinet o Premier did not represent a majority party o No control over local governments o Legislative assembly was not checked o Legislative assembly torn apart by factions and lacked constitutional power to unite it Yuan Shi-Kai dictatorial policies o Complete control over the military---decentralizes government---begins transfer of power to warlords o Yuan tediously dismantled all constitutional structure o Dissolution of the Guomindang (the republic) o Dissolved parliament o Re-established monarchy in 1916 Imperialism o Lack of a financial base crippled the governments ability to counter Japanese imperialism o Japan’s 21 Demands (1915) Special economic rights for Japanese living in China o +: created a heightened sense of Chinese nationalism Did not unify the people o : society is eating itself---competition o Corrupt officials only out to seek personal power---warlords o Revolution of 1911 was quick but incomplete
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2. Political Movements Nationalism o Recognized by all Chinese that it is crucial to be united---means of uniting are different o Free China from foreign imperialism/ unequal treaties o Chiang Kai-Shek Democracy o Sun Yat-Sen o Treaty of Versailles ---gives German concessions to Japan--- May 4 th Movement Anti-imperialist Also a response to warlords---decentralized government o National power belonged to people but they would consent to invest power in able minded men o People had rights in government: vote on officials, remove officials,
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HST 354 Test II outlines - 1. Reasons for failure I) II)...

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