HST 354 Test III Study Guide

HST 354 Test III Study Guide - Study Guide for Modern...

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Study Guide for Modern Chinese History Test #3 Receiving of socialism (49-56--- land reforms (mao/party had peasants revolt against land tyrants, diving land equally… 1 st 5 year plan based of soviet model (goal… boast economy through industrialization, stalin gave money and tech assistance). . good results with economy 8% growth, highly centralized but lack of food b/c agricultural was ignored) Rethinking soviet model (56-57) Great Leap Forwawrd (58-61)----- Marx thought needed a series of steps to get to communisim. Mao believed if pushed hard enough and properly motivated could get there in 5 years…. Had farmers and peasants making steel therefore no food. Steel was not properly made and was cheap/worthless. Recovering but growing tension (62-65 Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (66-69)--- Attack on upper class officials… Mao thought was answer to getting country on right track. Red guards (workers who fought) led revolution) 20 m died. An effort of unification… handicapped country b/c the intellectuals and people who were leading country no longer lived or had influence…. Setting Succession (69-76… Deng believed in doing what worked (market economy was good) 4 modernizations--- agriculuture, industry, science and national defense… no succession/no checks and balances under communism b/c supper centralized around 1 person… therefore democracy wall (1978-1979) Chinese democracy movement, some said democracy was 5 th modernization… deng thought democracy was like opening pandoras box…tienanamen square 1976 ptorest, Deng believed to set up against maos movement (people protest gang of 4 and death of Premier Zhou Enlai ) 1) The successful early years of the People’s Republic of China included the land- reforms, “First Five Year Plan” and “Five Anti- and Three Anti-Campaigns.” These
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HST 354 Test III Study Guide - Study Guide for Modern...

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