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HST198 - Midterm Study Guide - HST198DD midterm study guide...

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HST198DD midterm study guide: 1 essay (2 choices) 20 MC Possible essays: (dates, detail) 1. What was the impact of the European conquest of the “New World” both for indigenous peoples there and for other peoples around the globe? - New world death to many Indians by new diseases (fall of Aztec, Inca, Mayan empires), enslavement -Discovery of silver allowed Europeans to hold control and more power due to China’s demand of silver -Columbian exchange new products to New World and new products back to Eurasia - Decline of Native Americans introduced slave trade of African Americans 2. Compare and contrast slavery in Africa, the Ottoman empire and the American sugar plantations. XXXXXXXXXXXX Only know 3 (2 will be on test) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 3. Until recently the history of the world has been taught from the perspective of what had been called “eurocentrism.” Define “eurocentrism,” explain its weakness as a concept, and describe other ways in which historians have begun to present the history of the world. -Eurocentrism the the practice of viewing the world from a European perspective, with an implied belief, either consciously or subconsciously, in the preeminence of European culture 1. Eurocentric a. This is the practice of viewing the world through a European perspective -Fails to take into account the prominence of other cultures before European countries -Leads to thinking of leaders such as Smith who prescribed superiority to Europeans, and later the Americas, and other Asian countries as non-dynamic or progressive -Now historians have begun to present history in the course of events such as the amazing voyages of Zheng He and Vasco da Gamma -Now looking from a global perspective - Eurocentric view if start in 1500, but can start earlier – view from Mongol empire would start much earlier 4. Why were Western European countries more successful in dominating the Western Hemisphere than they were Africa, the Muslim countries, and China? Europeans weaker, actually needed things from the east, while the east felt like they needed nothing from the west. Europeans find mineral rich America, east wants silver. Caravel ships were more accustomed to rough Atlantic ocean. Gave them large advantage in naval warfare.
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Not politically unified which allowed explorers many sources for funding their expeditions. Missionary zeal. Portugal as a small, poorer country leads Europe’s navel expeditions. 14 January 2010 when Chinese didn’t Europeans wanted something from the East, while China did not need from the other countries -Europeans wanted the riches that others held -Europeans ended up being able to trade with China through silver! (Europeans got silver from the Americas (Mexico and Peru) Manilla Gallions- ships that ran from Mexico to the European islands a. - silver from the Americans would finance Asian trade for Europeans (rarity). Chinese currency was based on silver b. –Religious influence and push for the spread of Christianity
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HST198 - Midterm Study Guide - HST198DD midterm study guide...

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