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MBI 111 - Exam 2 - 1 According to the student presentations...

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1. According to the student presentations, the first case of in over ten years on MU campus has been reported in a student, who the following hospitalization and treatment is now recovering at home A. Bird Flu B. shingles C. dysentery D. bubonic plague E. bacterial Meningitis 2. Helical and icosahedra are terms used to describe the shapes of a virus that results from spontaneous assembly of the capsomers a. spike b. nucleic acid c. envelope d. capsid e. core 3. The core of every virus particle always contains a. DNA b. Capsomers c. Either DNA or RNA d. DNA and RNA e. enzymes 4. In one of the articles , the author state that Pneumocystis carinni and other infections typically bebing when the patient’s “helper T “ cells count fall to the 200-400 cells per cubic millimeter. This situation they are describing is a patient infected with… A. Polio B. The fungus, Candida C. Influenza D. Multi sclerosis E. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) 5. The practice of removing puss from a small pox vesicle, and injecting that into a healthy person is called… A. opporanistic B. variolation C. eciology D. epidemic E. none of the above 6. When a eukaryotic cell is not undergoing mitosis, the DNA and its associated proteins appear as an invisible thread like state called… A. Nuclear envelope B. Nucleolus C. Nucleoplasm D. Chromatin 7. Which of the flowing is found in eukaryotic cells, but not in the prokaryotic cells? A. Nucleus B. Mitochondria C. Endoplasmic reticulum
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D. Lysosomes E. All of the above are correct 8. Severe combined immunodeficiency Syndrome (SCID) is due to A. Auto antibodies B. Delayed hypersensitivity C. Absence of thymus glands D. Failure of B cell development and maturity E. A defect that causes lack of development of both B and T cells 9. Which of the following is not associated with every virus? A. Envelope B. Capsomer C. Capsid D. Nucleic acid E. Genome 10. Which is incorrect about prophages? A. Present when the virus I in a lysogenic cycle B. Formed when viral DNA enters the bacterial chromosome C. Replicated with host DNA and passed on to progeny D. Causes immediate lysis of host cells E. Occur when temperate phages infect enter host cells 11. The correct sequence of events of viral multiplication is… A. Penetration, replication, adsorption, assembly, release B. Replication, penetration, assembly, adsorption, release
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MBI 111 - Exam 2 - 1 According to the student presentations...

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