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Daily Schedule - BUS 101 Spring 2011 Daily Schedule of...

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revised 2/26/2011 WEE K DATE DISCUSSION TOPIC PREPARATION READINGS PREPARATION ASSIGNMENT 1 Mon, Jan 10 Course Introduction: Your success in the Farmer School of Business Course Syllabus (Blackboard, in Course Documents folder in Course Administration file Carefully read the course syllabus. Bring any questions that you have to class for discussion. Wed, Jan 12 What is a stakeholder? Text Ch 1: The Corporation and Its Stakeholders Pay close attention to Exhibit 1.B (p 22) Fri, Jan 14 Intro to stakeholder cases Inland Bank; Cisco (Blackboard, hereafter listed as Bb.) Inland Bank and Cisco case assignment (Blackboard, hereafter listed as Bb.) 2 Mon, Jan 17 Martin Luther King Day (no class) Wed, Jan 19 Forms of business “Forms of business” excerpt (Bb) Explain the distinguishing characteristics of each form of business organization; what are the roles of owners in each? Fri, Jan 21 Intro to Business Processes TBA TBA 3 Mon, Jan 24 Owners as stakeholders (Business process: Acquisition and management of financial capital) Text Ch 14: Stockholder Rights and Corporate Governance Who are stockholders? What are their legal rights? What does the Board of Directors do? Wed, Jan 26 Owners (continued) What are the principles of good governance? How does the government help protect stockholders? Fri, Jan 28 Owner cases Living Richly (text, pg. 236); Adelphia (Bb) Adelphia case (assignment on Bb) 4 Mon, Jan 31 Suppliers as stakeholders (Business process: Managing the Supply Chain) “Intro to Supply Chain Management,” excerpt from Handfield (Bb) How are suppliers business stakeholders? What are their interests? Does the government help protect their interests? Why/why not? Wed, Feb 2
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Daily Schedule - BUS 101 Spring 2011 Daily Schedule of...

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