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Mike Mesrobian MBI 111 11/17/08 Author: Correspondents in Wam, Pakistan; Title: “Disease in Pakistan Quake Zone”; Source: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,24582783-5012747,00.html ; Published: 10/31/08; Pages: 2 My article discusses the tragic consequences on children of an earthquake in southwestern Pakistan. More than three hundred people were killed in the 6.4-magnitude quake in a very poor area of the country. Unfortunately, the cold weather and destroyed infrastructure at the time of the earthquake has left thousands of children exposed to dysentery as well as pneumonia. The quake took place in the Baluchistan province, a relatively isolated part of the country. Since the earthquake, hundreds of children have been diagnosed and treated with a myriad of diseases that are commonly associated with a decrease in sanitary conditions. Many people’s homes were destroyed in the process, and multiple organizations have stepped up their efforts to return the people of the Baluchistan province back to a semi-regular lifestyle, thus decreasing their chances of contracting dysentery, pneumonia, etc. The temperature has gone below zero degrees in the early winter with many people rendered homeless after the earthquake sleep in the open in their villages. Most of the people within the province live in isolated villages, unable to quickly receive help in such perilous condition. A health officer of one of the damaged towns is quoted as believing the overall death count will increase sharply if the sick children are not properly diagnosed and treated for dysentery or any other recently-onset disease. Apparently, children are a majority of the population in the
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mbi111writtenreport - Mike Mesrobian MBI 111 Author...

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