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Evan Brown BUS 101 – CC Dr. Barr 22 February 2011 Denise Kuprionis 1. a) Corporate governance is the way the firm is set up, where the organizations actions are controlled to protect the intersts of owners and stakeholders. b) Principles of good corporate governance include: Independent Chairman Full financial info Separate audit committee Open elections for board members c) The Board of Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to the owners and stakeholders. This means that they establish corporate objectives, develop broad policies, select top level personnel and review management’s performance.
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Unformatted text preview: d) Sarbannes-Oxley enforces rules in corporate governance. It ensures organizations have outside auditors and keep their financial statements open to the public for 7 years. It also demands the CEO and CFO sign financial reports and protects whistle blowers. 2. A) What makes a “Strong Board”? B) How do you create a compliant culture? C) At what point do you step in to advise boards? D) After being at Scripps for 32 years, what led you to leave that behind and start the Governance Solutions Group?...
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