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Freidman - important to them and people will create groups...

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1) Capitalism is basically a free market where anyone can strive to achieve their own economic goals with zero government involvement. 2) It is a mixed economy because there are limitations placed by the government to prevent businesses from getting too powerful. 3) The invisible hand is where the economy regulates itself. 4) People will fund things that they care about and money will trickle down through people and workers. 5) Friedman means that businesses should be about making money and profit and the money will flow to the employees where they will put their money towards things that are
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Unformatted text preview: important to them and people will create groups/ organizations that they are passionate about. 6) Collective ends can happen without collective means. 7) Managerial capitalism is where market transactions can occur in an unconstrained way. 8) Managerial capitalism is no longer effective because of possibilities of monopolies and greed. 9) Businesses will eventually become sustainable. 10) Max the welfare of stakeholders....
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