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GE Hudson River

GE Hudson River - Evan Brown BUS 101 Terri Barr 5 March...

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Evan Brown BUS 101 Terri Barr 5 March 2011 GE Clean Up GE legally dumped PCBs in and around the Hudson River between 1947 and 1977. The company later left the area when taxes increased. When GE left the area people started to hold a grudge against them, looking to claim a piece of their “hide” at some point. PCBs are allegedly potent, cancerous, most persistent threats to human health. The EPA has made the 40 mile section where GE used to operate, a Superfund spot meaning GE is responsible for the cleanup. It is debatable whether GE should clean it up since it dumped when it was legal and whether or not the PCB should be taken out of the ground fearing it may contaminate even more. The stakeholders of this case include GE owners, the environment and the community around Hudson. GE wants to avoid paying for the cleanup in fear that it would open GE’s wallet to more environmental cleanups where it dumped legally. Environmentalists representing the environment and the local economy and community feel as though GE and the EPA are trying to
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