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MKT 291 Question Samples

MKT 291 Question Samples - MKT 291 Question Samples During...

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MKT 291 Question Samples During which stage of the purchase decision making process will people realize that the difference between what they have and what they would like to have is big enough to actually do something about it? Problem recognition What describes the actions a person takes in purchasing? Consumer Behavior Which of the following is a method marketers can use to reduce perceived risk for customers? Obtain seals of approval for products, secure endorsements from influential people, provide free trials of the product, provide warrantees and guarantees (all of the above) What are the most basic needs? Physiological Needs (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) Who in the buying center has the role of choosing wether the firm will make a purchase or not? Decider Marketing strategy demonstrating your products unique characteristic relative to competitors? Product Differentiation The idea that most of your sales are from a small portion of your loyal customers is what?
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