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Evan Brown BUS 101 Terri Barr 17 April 2011 Ethics An ethical person is a gentleman, one that holds himself to a superior standard of conduct that is considerate, polite and calm. According to Spike Wyatt, “a gentleman always tries to make sure that the other person feels comfortable.” After reading his article I have come to respect these values of a gentleman which form my personal code of ethics which focus on social and cultural respect and awareness. 1. Make others feel comfortable 2. Remain calm in times of difficulty
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Equality, never seek and unfair advantage, just push for best at all times 4. Be polite by showing respect 5. Be protective not progressive, accept others for who they are 6. Be a reliable, solid individual 7. Comfortable with oneself 8. Reamin honest and true 9. Keep motives clear 10. No confusion on relationship or feelings towards family, friends and companions
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