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mkt291citations - Chandra Shobhana(2010 November 11 U.s...

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Unformatted text preview: Chandra, Shobhana. (2010, November 11). U.s. consumer spending rises less than forecast, prices cool. Bloomberg, Jacobe, Dennis. (2010). U.s. consumers' september spending ma tche s 2010 low. Gallup Print , Retrieve d from http://www.gallup.com/poll/143288/consumers-septemberspending-matc hes-2010-low.aspx Wireless, cellular & rfid industry trends. (2010). Plunkett Research, ltd., Retrieved from http://www.plunkettresearch.com/WirelessCellularRFID/Wireles sCellularRFIDTrends/tabid/264/Default.aspx Blackberry replaces laptop for business people . (2010, August 1 0 ) . R et r iev e d fr o m h tt p :// www.b est - mo b ile s. c o m/b l ack b e r ry replaces-laptop-for-business-people/ ...
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