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Evan Brown Journalism 101 26 October 2011 RR9 1) Bragg makes his story easy to read. He keeps all paragraphs three lines or less. Bragg holds off on some back ground on McCarty until the time is just right. For example he doesn’t mention McCarty’s hometown until he mentions University of Southern Mississippi. It is concise and makes a connection that explains her scholarship donation. Bragg also uses small quotes which are concise and to the point. 2) “She is 5 feet tall and would weigh 100 pounds with rocks in her pockets. Her voice is so soft that it disappears in the squeak of the screen door and the hum of the air- conditioner.” I like this because Bragg makes you think about how heavy she is by saying “with rocks in her pocket” and it sums up who she is in two sentences. 3) Actions speak louder than words. Bragg and DeGregory wrote about two individuals that
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Unformatted text preview: did volunteered their time or money without asking for anything in return. These were humble people that didn’t have to say much, because their actions spoke for them. Bragg and DeGregory just found them and wrote about what they did. 4) DeGregory tied it all back to where it all started for Wills. He tied it back to the first lawn that was cut. He finally learns the girlfriend’s name and its cool to know that wills is someone she thanked in time of grieving over Jack’s death. It’s also clever that DeGregory puts his number up to allow people to get connected with the cause. 5) I think that I adds to a piece that talks about an idivudual like this one. Using I creates a credibility that says you were a part of it. That you and the person being interviewed have a relationship or understanding that qualifies you to talk about them....
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