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Reading Response 6 – Due Oct. 6 JRN101 Fall 2011 1. A noted historian, a professor and the author of a dozen books, is speaking on campus. What information about him would you want to include in a speech story to establish his credibility. How much would be too much? He would want to include his education, his big accomplishments and some of the things he has learned along the way. If he talked about more than 3 of his accomplishments, that would be a bit excessive. A lot of it would depend on the way he presents it. If he went on for too long about similar accomplishments it would sound like bragging. 2. A speaker invited by the university calls a student accused in a high-profile case a “rapist.” You know that the student has not been charged by police. How do you cover the remarks? I would say that the speaker “claims” the student to be a rapist. I would pull a direct quote from the speaker and provide background acknowledging the student has not been convicted yet and the speaker jumped the gun to come to that conclusion.
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