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Evan Brown Bethany Bruner JRN 101 4 October 2011 Ledes (Exercise 2) 1) Merchants National Bank President, James Westhaver and wife killed in car accident Monday. James Westhaver, 55, had been the president of Merchants National Bank for 23 years, and was the chairman of the United Way, and the treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce. His wife Martha, 60, hosted a talk show on KTGG. Involuntary manslaughter charges are being investigated against the driver of the other vehicle, Mr. West (don’t use first name to protect identity), who ran a red light and hit Westhaver’s vehicle broadside. Mr. West was ticketed for careless and imprudent driving. Mr. West and passenger Mr. Blackwater were both city employees in Parks and Recreation and left the vehicle with a few broken limbs and a broken nose. No funeral arrangments have been completed but the loss of the Westhavers shall have a direct impact on the city. 2)
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