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Evan Brown JRN 101 A Bachman Iowa Straw Poll 1) The NYT article focuses more on facts, quotes from the speakers and the context or background leading up to the event. They mention why Perry did not attend, the united effort to defeat Obama, the number of votes, Santorum’s game plan and liberal appeals (smaller gov., pullout of troops and reducing country debt). The WSJ article focuses more on the event and what happened at it as if it were a carnival. They mentioned free DQ blizzards, bbq sandwhiches, bagpipers, golf cart motorcades and the shouting activists. WSJ focused on the strife between candidates mentioning what they gave out and Palin’s “unsubtle dig” at Mr. Perry. 2) Again, WSJ focused more on the event and the visuals that strike emotion from previous understanding or feelings. Such as country singer Randy Travis, Tea Party flags, DQ Blizzrds, BBQ sandwhiches. All that get back to the message of restoring greatness again in the US. NYT focuses more on the facts and the facts (voting numbers) and quotes from various
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