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Reading Response 3 - Evan Brown 8 September 2011 RR3 1...

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Evan Brown 8 September 2011 RR3 1) Elements of journalism favor verification over assertion because the reader handles cold hard facts better because they can interpret them however they like. They lead to a logical unspoken conclusion Assertion leads to an interpretation being shoved down your throat. People will be led when they want to be led, and for a news article, it should be facts that lea to interpretation. If someone wants your opinion they will go to the opinion page. 2) Opinion in American journalism belongs mostly in movie reviews, where critics are supposed to be critical and provocative. Opinion Columns allow room for opinion so long as it can be backed up with facts. Sports stories allow for some embellishing, but only to enhance the details and provide a “colorful spin.” Political news stories contain a little bit of opinion or bias because of political views. And news stories are straight facts.
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