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Eco Trends: - Income growth stagnant - Unemployment still near 10% - Economic recovery hit wall in June - Cell phones becoming a need rather than luxury Technological Trends: -Financial transaction capabilities considered the next frontier -Application technology has created infinite room for innovation -Data plan revenue increasing in importance to providers Price: -Priced similar to Blackberry Torch - $539.99 Torch, $299.99 with 2 year plan, $199.99 with online purchase rebate -Revenue dependant on selling two year plans Place: -Verizon Stores -Corporate partners -Well established distribution channels -No new investment necessary
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Unformatted text preview: Product:-Partnership with major credit card companies to provide application with bar code to scan-Pin Number security-Responsibility for managing accounts is credit card companies-No touch screen, allows management of costs-High-end smart phone that differentiates from competitors with financial capacity Promotion:-$100 million campaign-given large target market, emphasis on television-broad range of Internet and magazine placements (CAN YOU THROW IN AN EXAMPLE OR TWO THAT YOU LIKE?)-co-promotion with credit card companies, $10 off phone when opening an account...
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