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Evan Brown JRN 101 1 November 2011 Visual Journalism 1. The benefits of photo journalism are that pictures this grueling and horrendous can strike emotion far and wide. This is the look of horror. It speaks loudly to any audience. This specific picture could have contributed to the disgusted attitude that the country had of the Vietnam War. 2. The photographs are a window into the country. These pictures are real events that are happening somewhere else. These Pultzer Prize pictures encapsulate the emotions of the disaster. All of the pictures are easy to understand and feel. These pictures are so strong emotionally that it feels as if you were there by looking at them. 3. I think it is acceptable to publish a photograph of somebody without permission if they are not the primary subject of the photo. Meaning its not like “look at what this guy chose to do” it’s more like look at what his circumstances made him do. Therefore it is
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Unformatted text preview: acceptable to use photos without someones permission if they are part of a catastrophe where there is a panic. 4. The photo was an inaccurate portrait of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Most of the occupiers were committed to the principal of nonviolence. This man was outlandish and attacked a police officer, no other officers were attacked, but that is how some view the movement. Thats not accurate. 5. The general impressions of the news papers leave me thinking that Steve Jobs was the closest we will get to a Thomas Edison. He was a great innovator and the newspapers really pushed that. Especially ones on the West Coast, closest to Jobs home. These newspapers added history to Jobs death so people understood how much he affected our world....
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