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RR4 - Evan Brown JRN 101 15 September 2011 Independent 1...

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Evan Brown JRN 101 15 September 2011 Independent 1) The Independent is covering a story on the disappearance/ murder of Annie Le, who was soon to be married. Bailey, the main journalist on the case discovered some things via Facebook and MySpace, which is ethically debatable. Annie Le disappeared on September 8 and her body had been found September 13. Annie Le was a student at Yale, which got a lot of attention. Del Rocco was a potential lead because her ex-boyfriend was a man wanted for murder 2) The Independent initially denies to use others names because it could ruin someone’s reputation by falsely accusing them. They followed the general ethical principles to minimize harm to subjects and I think a name does nothing more than create a scapegoat and make people blood hungry. 3) The information on MySpace was a public blog belonging to Clark and his fiancé. It is different than Facebook in the sense that the publishers know that everything in a blog will be
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