POL 101 Exam 1 Review

POL 101 Exam 1 Review - Exam 1 Review Marlowes Review: -...

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Exam 1 Review Marlowe’s Review: - Goal of American Revolution – Liberty - English Philosopher – John Locke – Americans used his State of Nature, Social Contract and Theory on Working to Acquire Propety - Articles of Confederation – loose compact between states, 1776-1787, strong state governments, weak central government had to ask states for money and troops….very chaotic - Constitution Conventions – Virginia (big states favored, representation by population only) o New Jersey (unicameral legislature, 1 vote per state) o Connecticut “Great” Compromise – each state is represented by 2 senators and in the house by population - Amendments take 2/3 of Congress and ¾ of states legislature or state conventions to pass/ratify - Federalists favored the Constitution – Madison, Hamilton and John Jay were famous Federalists - Anti-Federalists said small governments are better, they wanted state rights, wanted bill of rights in the Constitution and asked why there was no Bill of Rights - Declaration of Independence - by Jefferson, said Life, Liberty and PURSUIT of Happiness, government was supposed to protect their people, there was a list of grievances, it was an official document, there were no economic issues addresses, they said by living in the US you consent to the rules, said all men were created equal, and people have the right and duty to overthrow a tyrannical government - Faction – a small interest group (possibly a majority), controlled by large government
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POL 101 Exam 1 Review - Exam 1 Review Marlowes Review: -...

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