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RR7 Jack Greiner

RR7 Jack Greiner - someone up to public ridicule They must...

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Evan Brown JRN 101 10 October 2011 1. What is Jack Greiner’s specialty in law? Jack Specializes in commercial litigation and First Amendment law. He has also worked with libel cases and insurance defense. 2. What do you find most interesting about Greiner’s background? I find it interesting that Greiner has received national attention and he comes from Cincinnati. It’s not every day that someone from a city that small is top in the nation and still stays in the small city. It’s interesting that he is a top lawyer and he still spends time educating and volunteering to benefit inner city youth. 3. The reading discussed the legal concept of libel. What are the five criteria for a statement to be considered libelous? Libel is when your write or put something in your story that insults, misrepresents or defames someone. In other words it is publishing a falsehood that puts
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Unformatted text preview: someone up to public ridicule. They must prove that you were careless or malicious. • Statements must be false • Statements must be defamatory – accusing, labeling • Must be published • Plaintiffs are identified • Defendant (publisher) must be accused of negligence Drawing on what you now know about Greiner’s background and current issues in press law, write two questions to be posed to Greiner that call on his expertise: 4. Could one be sued for libel if they tag someone in a post (FaceBook) that is defaming or insulting? Or hacking into your account and change something that is defaming. What is the contract between FaceBook and you for Breach of Contract or Invasion of Privacy? 5. What is your opinion of Sedition no longer a crime in the U.S.? Is there such thing as too critical? Or are people setting themselves up for harsh criticism?...
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