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Evan Brown Reading Response 8 19 October 2011 1) If I were a leading news organization I would not work with Assange. I would do it if I were a smaller organization or an up and coming one. As a leading organization I would have too much to lose by taking a chance with this “criminal” in a sense, and risking my reputation by working with someone who could get us in trouble internationally with a breach of security and trust. It could put the organization in hot water. 2) I wouldwork with other organizations on wikileaks documents. This seems more safe than dealing with the individuals themselves. Wikileaks would provide the same amount of information (documents etc.) but without the risk of being dealt with by UK or US governments. 3) The wikileaks documents are newsworthy but with over a million documents in Assange’s possession, maybe ¼ of those being related to cables, it would take a very long time to go through all the documents and be accurate with your report. There could be
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Unformatted text preview: information overlooked because of the quantity of documents but Assange could be a great resource to condense or recap the information. 4) The UK had a lot more teeth ready to bite journalist compared to the US government. US journalist could hide behind the first amendment where UK was ready and willing to reprimand journalist for breech in security and trust. The governments had to feel like these journalist were working right under their nose, because of the use of these illegally obtained documents. The governments had to feel like they were wronged because Assange and news reporters had a very secretive way of communicating and working with one another. 5) The Guardian should go through with the publishing. IT is their forum, online news and overlapped into print. They may have been working in their bubble where they easily get carried away, but a lot of time and effort was put into it and I think the Guardian covered their butts well enough to report their findings....
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