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Inquiry 3 Prospectus - time I think the state of California...

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Evan Brown English 111 DG Pat LeFleur 24 October 2010 Prospectus I will argue that the legalization of recreational marijuana use for adults, 21 and older, through proposition 19 is a viable solution for many of California’s criminal and financial issues. Marijuana is a $14 billion black market in California. This is an untapped resource for California to make money. This market is currently run by violent cartels and gangs. Proposition 19 would gain money, alleviate officers, reduce the profit motive for drug cartels and reduce underage accessibility all through government regulation. The law makes counties and cities choose how to cultivate, regulate and tax the product, which could be seen as a “public policy disaster.” In
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Unformatted text preview: time, I think the state of California will have a good idea of how to handle these regulations. My target audience consists of those who are either on the fence or are against proposition 19. These people are the people who should be convinced in order to achieve more votes for the proposition. These people would repond positively to ethos and logos. This means that I should use credible sources, establish authority/ credibility and make plausible conclusions. Some pathos could be thrown in when connecting legalization/ regulation to one’s children and tax money....
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