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ZOO 161 Final Exam review questions

ZOO 161 Final Exam review questions - Review for Exam 4...

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Review for Exam 4: Respiratory System What is the definition of breathing , external respiration, gas transport , and internal respiration ? Where does each occur? What are the structures in the upper respiratory system and the lower respiratory system? What is the function of the following in breathing? Larynx, epiglottis, nose, trachea, alveoli, lungs, bronchioles, pharynx , bronchi What is the correct order for the flow of air through the above structures? What does swallowing close? How does the position of the vocal cords change during quiet breathing and during speech? Which structures in the lung contain cartilage rings? What is the purpose of the cartilage rings? How is the diameter of the bronchioles controlled? How does the pressure in the thoracic cavity change during inhalation and exhalation? What does a decrease in expiratory reserve volume indicate? What does an increase in residual volume indicate? How is oxygen transported in the blood? How is carbon dioxide transported in the blood?
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