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Mike Mesrobian 1/29/09 BOT107 Attack from Below The Off The Streets homeless shelter in Brooklyn, New York had never seen such generosity. Out of nowhere, they’d received five hundred blankets from a complete stranger. The day before the shipment had arrived, a courier had brought over a single piece of paper in an envelope that read “500 blankets coming. 8am tomorrow. No need for recognition. Cheers”. The managers of the homeless shelter thought it was a prank, but sure enough, the next day, a huge truck rolled and dumped an overwhelming amount of blankets filled the small storage space that usually lay bare. The thermometer read –10 degrees, and so the workers instantly began handing them out. Within an hour, a huge crowd had gathered as all sought a means to hold off the fierce chill of the winter. All over the country, similar instances were occurring and all with the same process: one day a message would notify the shelter of a delivery the following day and at exactly 8am five hundred blankets would be presented. The delivery was completely untraceable, with fake names used to sign off for everything. No complained too much, however, as thousands of people in need around the country were keeping warm in an unusually frigid winter. Finally, a little less than two weeks after the mass delivery, a funny thing started happening to the homeless populations of the major urban centers around the country. Countless people reported a fever and general sickness. Initially thought to be due to the weather, hospitals began to overflow with suddenly incapacitated people. Small red spots began forming all over their bodies, and it was quickly realized that something terrible
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was happening. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and its scientists immediately
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bot107paper1 - Mike Mesrobian BOT107 Attack from Below The...

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