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Prop 19 persuasive - Evan Brown ENG 111 DG Pat LeFleur 7...

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Evan Brown ENG 111 DG Pat LeFleur 7 November 2010 Proposition 19 California has voted, and the majority was against the government regulation of marijuana. The bill failed with 46% of the popular vote. This is not what I wanted to see happen and these are the reasons why. California has struggled tremendously to prohibit the use of marijuana. There are thousands of people taking up jail space in California for nothing more than smoking, and it costs billions in tax payer money to facilitate these laws each year. These laws run very similar to the laws of alcohol prohibition in the 1920s. Both prohibitions have given a huge profit motive to violent drug cartels, easy access to children and a push for higher concentrations: the “hard” stuff. This could have changed if the substance was controlled and regulated by the government. This is where Proposition 19 could have come in. It would have decimalized the recreational use of marijuana for those who are twenty-one or older and allow the government to regulate and control the substance while gaining an estimated 1.4 billion in tax revenue (Wood, B). This revenue could have been used to help California climb out of its estimated $60 billion hole. With the huge incentives for the state and tax payers of California, the majority was still against Proposition 19. This group sees marijuana as a “gateway drug,” meaning it will lead to other, harder drugs resulting in social corruption. Plus there is speculation on whether or not it is time for the law because of complications and variation of regulation and taxation between all 58 counties and 480 cities (Wood). On the other hand, there is potential to limit the accessibility to
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children, reduce crime rates, change police focus, reduce drug cartel’s profits and create jobs all while gaining taxes. With such strong opposite views, Proposition 19 could be seen as the beginning of the end for California or the light at the end of the tunnel.
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