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Mike Mesrobian BOT 107 3/19/09 Major Paper #3 The Six Foot Eight Inch Government Secret In early 1982, President Reagan saw that his conservative economic policies had lead to a dramatic decrease in projected federal tax revenue. His military advisors, furious at the news, stressed to the president that in-order to carry out the pricey covert operations necessary to keep the Soviet Union and other enemies of the United States at bay without attracting the notice of the public’s review of the budget, a new source of revenue was needed. The president, always an enthusiastic supporter of the military, reluctantly agreed to provide the CIA Director of Cover Operations a one time payment of one hundred million dollars in return for a pledge never to ask a president for money again. With the abundance of fresh money burning a hole in his project, the director, Mike Rottam, asked around the intelligence community for tips on viable long-term investments. With insider information abound and everyone in the industry feeling underpaid, Rottam’s phone rang non-stop for weeks as everyone tried to cut themselves a piece of the pie. Rottam, however, could not pull the trigger on any of the legitimate offers he had received, believing the offers to invest in the Colombian drug trade to be too clearly unethical and the chance to fund the overthrow the government of Sierra Leone too bloody for his conscience. The intelligence community began growing restless, and President Reagan himself even demanded an explanation for Rottam’s lack of action. All Rottam would divulge, however, was that “the right offer had not come
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along yet.” A couple months later, Rottam received a soft knock on his office door as he read through the day’s intelligence briefing. Yelling at whoever was out there to enter,
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  • Spring '09
  • President of the United States, President Reagan, Special Activities Division, Linden, father Rottam, Rottam

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bot107paper3 - Mike Mesrobian BOT 107 Major Paper#3 The Six...

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