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Mike Mesrobian 4/15/09 BOT 107 The Rise of the Dik-Dik OXFORD, Ohio (AP)- Governments everywhere have dispatched military all over the world as people in urban centers flee to rural areas out of fear of a new breed of Dik-Dik that is slowly taking over world. Since arriving in zoos Los Angeles, Paris, Beijing, and Melbourne, the pack of Dik-Diks that were originally captured in a remote area of Madagascar have essentially taken over every city they have encountered. With the death toll currently over five hundred thousand, there is a growing consensus that the new breed of Dik-Diks may be too strong for the human race to handle. In mid-October of last year, a group of herders came upon a pack of Dik-Diks. Knowing that the current value of Dik-Dik’s on the zoo animal market to be very high, they quickly captured the seemingly docile animals, twenty-two in all. Nothing about the Dik-Dik’s behavior appeared out of the ordinary, as they made their way to different parts of the world for zoo display. Standing roughly two and a half feet tall, they looked completely average, down to their three-inch long horns. Little did the herders realize that they had uncovered the most deadly predator the world had ever seen. Soon after reaching their respective zoos, the Dik-Diks starting acting in ways atypical to their species. Zookeepers in Los Angeles noticed an inexplicably dead baby chimpanzee the day after the Dik-Dik’s arrived. Impaled by something, the zookeepers could not figure out what had stabbed the chimp for the life of them. Within a week of
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bot107paper4 - Mike Mesrobian 4/15/09 BOT 107 The Rise of...

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