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Rhetorical Analysis Proposition 19

Rhetorical Analysis Proposition 19 - Evan Brown ENG 111 DG...

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Evan Brown ENG 111 DG LeFleur Pat 11 October 2010 Proposition 19 California has struggled tremendously to prohibit the use of marijuana. There are thousands of people taking up jail space in California for nothing more than smoking, and it costs billions in tax payer money to facilitate these laws each year. The current marijuana prohibition is very similar to the alcohol prohibition from the 1920s. Both prohibitions have given a huge profit motive to violent drug cartels, easier access to children and a push for higher concentrations (the “hard” stuff). This could change if the substance was controlled and regulated by the government. That is where Proposition 19 comes in. It would decimalize the recreational use of marijuana for those who are twenty-one or older and allow the government to regulate and control the substance while gaining an estimated 1.4 billion in tax revenue. With the huge incentives for the state and tax payers of California, some are still against Proposition 19. This group sees marijuana as a “gateway drug,” meaning it will lead to other, harder drugs resulting in social corruption. Therefore the recreational use of marijuana could be seen as the beginning of the end for California or it could be the total opposite. It could be the escape rope from the deep hole known as the state debt. With such opposite views, this issue is widely debated especially since it is on the upcoming November 2 California ballot. This video/ spoken piece, was a piece of a live video-streamed meeting that took place about a year ago, in late October 2009. In this piece, Jim (James) Gray, a recently retired Orange County California Superior Court Judge, states the faults with the current prohibition of
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marijuana to the Incumbent Democratic Candidate, Tom Ammiano, at the California State Assembly. Jim Gray interprets the problems listed in paragraph one, for the writing of legislation for the current Proposition 19. He says that the government regulation of marijuana will reduce
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Rhetorical Analysis Proposition 19 - Evan Brown ENG 111 DG...

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