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5/5/09 BOT F107 Paper #5 How my understanding of evolution affects my outlook on life The concept of evolution scares many people because, as it has developed, it has uncovered facts that make many peoples’ egos cringe and reject out of fear. The people I am talking about in particular are those who swear by creationism. As someone who has been raised in a catholic household but not intellectually confined by religion, I have seen my generation, my parents generation, and my grandparents generation negotiate the conflict between two pillars of society: scholarship and religion. My own investigation in the discovery and development of the theory of evolution, through class this semester, has heightened my awareness of the increasingly-evolution leaning reconciliation of science and religion in society. My paternal grandfather, who passed away when I was an infant, struggled greatly with peacefully reconciling his inherent belief in God and his findings in his long career as a scientist. Though he spent most of his career in fields focused on product innovation, he assisted on the Manhattan Project while a student at Princeton University. Though his experience with the Manhattan Project has little to do with evolution, the results of the project opened his mind to questions about the power humans have over one another. The creation of the atomic bomb seems a far cry from the sticks and stones of our ape ancestors. How could our species create something so destructive? Though I believe the bomb served an awful but necessary purpose, the amount of people whose lives were destroyed or lost by the actions of very few is astounding. My grandfather
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bot107paper5 - Michael Mesrobian 5/5/09 BOT F107 Paper #5...

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