Rhetorical Inventory

Rhetorical Inventory - Evan Brown English 111 DG Pat...

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Evan Brown English 111 DG Pat LaFleur 7 September 2010 New Clothing My clothing choices were pretty passive up until my sophomore year of high school at age fifteen. At that time peer pressure kicked in and I started noticing girls a lot more. I wanted to be noticed by these girls and I wanted to be accepted by my peers and putting a conscious effort into my outfit seemed like a source for that acceptance. So I became very conscious of what the media said a teenage boy should dress like. I jumped in with both feet, and followed the path that the media and Pac Sun set out. At that point I dressed like a “skater.” It worked, I found my “place,” I was accepted by more people and I was noticed. But the way I dressed seemed to change every six months over the next two years. I changed so often that I found my place many times and I had friends in all kinds of places. I went from a skater to a thug and all over until settling on the traditional “preppy” Miami look with the occasional college bumming. Going through all these looks cost money and filled my closet, so by senior year my closet was packed to the point that there was an avalanche every time I opened the closet. It was too hard to hide and my father noticed. At that point he was skeptical of my buying habits and now he stopped
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Rhetorical Inventory - Evan Brown English 111 DG Pat...

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