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Writers Memeo (Prop 19)

Writers Memeo (Prop 19) - action I believe that Jim Gray...

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Evan Brown ENG 111 DG LeFleur Pat 11 October 2010 Writers Memo (Proposition 19) The purpose of this essay was to analyze a piece of rhetoric. I chose to analyze a video of a public speech. This essay was meant to demonstrate our ability to understand the use of rhetoric from a third-person point of view, observing and interpreting details in order to come to an objective evaluation of its effectiveness. My audience was Pat LeFleur, my professor, of course, but it could have gone past that. My audience could have included those who are interested in the use and study of rhetoric, or those interested in the regulation of marijuana in California. My message for this piece was that the speaker was effective. This speech took place about a year ago, and was part of the influential pieces that got Proposition started and put into
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Unformatted text preview: action. I believe that Jim Gray, the speaker, was successful through his use of ethos, pathos, logos along with his preparation, organization and word choice. I used descriptive word that helped my paper to be more succinct. It was pretty easy to analyze the speech, because it was so well organized, plus I am a visual learner. But it was hard to convey my ideas in a simple, precise manner, because there were so many thing to mention in this speech. I had to focus on relevant main points without rambling. When revising, I tried to address every problem mentioned by my editors. I went down the list and fixed them as I saw them. I think the revision really carved this paper into something much better than the first draft....
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