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Michael Mesrobian 4/8/09 MUS185 B Reaction Paper #2 MU Jazz Ensemble Concert For my second reaction paper, I attended a Miami University Jazz Ensemble concert on April 6 th in Hall Auditorium. Beginning around 8pm, the casual performance in a relaxed atmosphere contradicted the overall sharpness of the group, as the entertaining performance seemed easy and effortless to the performers on stage. Hall Auditorium is an excellent venue for a concert, with great acoustics and a stage area that fit the entire ensemble adequately. The dress of the band underscored the relaxed tone of the performance. The band wore all black, however they were free to wear whatever clothes they pleased. The lack of specific dress code, one of the first things I noticed when I arrived, allowed me to kick back, relax, and enjoy the music. The casualness of the band carried over to the audience, as the collection of mostly students seemed just happy to enjoy some fine music after a hectic class day. Unfortunately the auditorium was not nearly as full as I would have hoped it’d be, but the loose atmosphere suggested that the ensemble performs like this every day. The ensemble sat in a traditional big band formation. The saxophones and trombones sat in the first two rows, and the trumpets stood in the back on the right side of the stage. The rhythm section sat on the left side of the stage, and consisted of a drum set, bass, and guitar. One thing I do not remember from the concert was any auxiliary
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mus185paper2 - Michael Mesrobian MUS185 B Reaction Paper#2...

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