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phy118art1 - will effect earth Thus even if emissions are...

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Mike Mesrobian PHY Art.-1 1/28/09 Emissions Cut Won’t Bring Quick Relief, Scientists Say The article I read was a very interesting piece out of the New York Times that discusses a recently-completed study that found that some of the effects of global warming may be inevitable even with an emissions cut. The researchers found that the peak level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, or the highest parts per million, is what
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Unformatted text preview: will effect earth. Thus, even if emissions are lowered, the historical high will be what the effect is. The current carbon dioxide level, in parts per million, is 385. Scientists, however, predict that it will rise to at least 450 and potentials as much as 600. The article describes the effects of these levels, and they include massive drought and flooding for many coastal areas....
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