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Inquiry One (The Road)

Inquiry One (The Road) - Evan Brown ENG 112 ID Leslee Chan...

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Evan Brown ENG 112 ID Leslee Chan 14 February 2011 The Road Inquiry One The Road was a book with limited everything. The characters were in a world of very limited resources, limited back and forth conversations, limited grammar and punctuation. The father and son traveled this world searching for the good guys that carry “the fire,” but found nothing except the hopeless and cold-hearted bad guys. This story of traveling a dark, cruel world, looking for the good guys, reminds me of the life of Jesus according to the Bible. There are multiple references to God in The Road that hint that the father and son have divine characteristics or legacies. There are instances when the son is believed to be the “word of God,” but there are also periods when the father is “God-spoken,” more so than the son. As their journey progresses and the father’s health digress, the divine qualities shift. The father’s death is the final shift, and it is where the son carries on his father’s legacy. The father’s death which is like the passing of the torch, and the story unfolds very similarly to the resurrection of Jesus. Throughout the book the father is leading the son through the unknown, trying to make sense of the dark surroundings with the goal to find a better world. During the beginning of the book, the father is more similar to God. After a dream of his wife dying, the father says “On the road there are no godspoke men. They are gone and I am left and they have taken the world with them” (McCarthy 32). For the father being god spoken it seemed odd that he was so goal oriented. He should be spreading the word of God and being a savior to others but he left behind suffering people like the man that had been struck by lightning on page 50. Although he may not
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