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Experience Report #9 - Evan Brown Andrea Ridilla MUS 181 21...

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Evan Brown Andrea Ridilla MUS 181 21 November 2010 Experience Report #9 – Percussion Instruments Steel Band November 18, 2010 8:00 pm In 4-5 sentences, describe ONE of the instruments used in this performance, using terms from class as appropriate. (8 points) There were lead ( tenor ) steel drums which were one end of a steel barrel. These drums played the melodies of the song. They had more notes on their one pan than the other drums. There were small notes that gave higher pitches. Since the notes were smaller and closer together, these lead pans played at a faster rate than the others. In 4-5 sentences, compare AND contrast this instrument with one that is more familiar to you. (8 points) The lead ( tenor ) pan has a unique sound. It is the epitome of Caribbean music. It is different from the traditional drum, such as a membranephone , where it is a surface that produces one sound, with some variation in the pitch. The steel drum is one surface with many different notes but less variation on each note. The lead pan has almost no chamber where the sound can vibrate,
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