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Final Reflective Essay - Evan Brown MUS 181 B Andrea...

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Evan Brown MUS 181 – B Andrea Ridilla 6 December 2010 Reflective Essay This class is the reason I appreciate music more than ever. It has broadened my knowledge and appreciation of other music cultures, terms and techniques that I may have not recognized otherwise. Before this class music was nothing more than entertainment to me, but now I see it more as an art and a way of expression and story-telling. Up until this class, I listened to “popular” music, the kind of music you would see on The Billboard Top 100 , or iTunes Top Charts . This class has helped me to reach past these seemingly great songs, and get more into music with more meaning and purpose than record sales. Getting into different genres and styles has helped me to question the music I like and appreciate aspects other than catchy beats and melodies. This class has pushed me into reinterpreting music by rediscovering familiar music, discovering new music and recognizing and appreciating music in my community. All together I have gained a new outlook on music and a better appreciation for different styles. One way this class pushed me to reevaluate my understanding of music occurred through rediscovering familiar music and discovering new music. This class forced me to take a step back from the music I was used to and listen to other genres and styles I wouldn’t consider listening to. Doing so made me realize that the hip-hop/rap, rock and pop that I listen has a different rhythm that would be considered minimalism. This is where a small fragment of the
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Final Reflective Essay - Evan Brown MUS 181 B Andrea...

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