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Prep Assignment Week 13 - it(8 points I never thought of...

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Evan Brown MUS 181 B Andrea Ridilla 16 November 2010 Preparation Assignment – Percussion Write down THREE terms you learned from Dr. Tanner’s presentation and define each one. (4 points each) 1) Hambone: The slapping of the chest and thighs. This originated from African slaves. 2) Marching Percussion: A group moving in unison, stepping or stomping at the same time. Usually have bass drum, snare and cymbals. A military band tradition. 3) Percussion Ensemble: A whole group consisting entirely of percussion instruments. A fairly new term, starting in 1935 with Edgard Varese. Write down ONE concept or idea you learned from Dr. Tanner’s presentation and explain
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Unformatted text preview: it. (8 points) I never thought of percussion instruments as being a boundless category. I typically thought of percussion instruments as drums, but Dr. Tanner, increased my knowledge and understanding of percussion instruments. This new understanding of percussion changed my idea of what an instrument is. In this case I now think of my chest and thighs as instruments because I can make sound with them. He even showed that people were making music on trash cans, bottles and other everyday obects ( Stomp )....
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