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Hanifa Ayunisa Description of advertisement EN 102 In this advertisement, Forever 21 uses the bright and colorful color to attract the buyers. Yellow, peach, blue, gray, orange, and light blue are representing in this product. Having the bright colors in this advertisement really attracts people’s attention to take a look at the products more closely, which the company hopes they will buy. Forever 21 also chooses the softer shades of each bright color to present their product because of today’s season, summer; people do not want to see dark, winter colors. Furthermore, Forever 21 tries to encourage their buyers to offer low prices so the company can charge less for each item. In this advertisement, Forever 21 places the prices to make their advertisement more interesting “Back to basics: tops starting at $2.80,” “Striped blazer $15.80 yellow tag deal,” “shop university starting at $14.80”. My first impression at the first time I see this advertisement is “Wow! That is a really great deal! I have to
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Unformatted text preview: go to Montgomery Mall or shop online to buy one of these soon.” So, forever 21 emphasizes the most important aspects that can influence buyers to purchase the clothes: perfect color and low prices. Forever 21 uses a lot of mediums to sell their product. They sell their product through their website, magazine, television, and their buyers’ email. I personally get this advertisement through my email. I check my email today, on July 25, 2011 and find this advertisement out. The purpose of this advertisement is crystal clear; Forever 21 wants to sell their products. And for the people who have a limited amount of money, forever 21 is a very good place to go because they sell their product below $20 and also, the products they offer are all elegant, simple, and of course up-to-date. So, there is no doubt that people will not buy!...
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