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draft rhetorical analysis

draft rhetorical analysis - Hanifa Ayunisa EN 102...

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Hanifa Ayunisa EN 102 Rhetorical analysis When the professor assigned us to do the visual analysis paper, the first thing that came to my mind was Forever 21. Forever 21 is an American chain of clothing retailers. The chain, originally known as Fashion 21, but then it changed to Forever 21. Forever 21 was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1984. Forever 21 grew rapidly, and people from many other ethnicities began noticing the trend-setting fashion designs, and the store became increasingly popular. By relentlessly chasing trends and catering to an ever-widening market — young women and young men — Forever 21 has positioned itself as a retail powerhouse, the American answer to fast fashion emporiums like the European-based Zara and H&M. In this advertisement, Forever 21 uses the bright and colorful color to attract the buyers. Yellow, peach, blue, gray, orange, and light blue are representing in this product. Having the
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