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Hanifa Ayunisa EN 102 Research paper Relationship between Education and Social Classes There is a huge difference between low classes and high classes. When I was in my home country, Indonesia, there was a huge different between rich and poor people. I went to a public school when I was in high school, and there I found that there was a huge difference between low and high class people. While poor people worked two different jobs, rich people went to malls, watched movies, and ate in fancy restaurants. I found it ironic that there was this huge difference in public school. For example, I heard some stories from my friends who were not lucky enough by not having enough money. They told me that they woke up at 4 am, went to a cake store, and picked up several different kinds of cakes. They sold these cakes at school and hoped that many people would buy those cakes. They were determined and wished that they could change their lives by earning some degrees, such as high school and college degrees. However, on the other side, I also heard some stories from high class of people. They only went to school because their parents force them to go to school; they lacked motivation to go to school. In class, they barely paid attention; they just talked to others and gossiped about unnecessary information. This research paper will focus on the relationship between education and social classes. First, we can see that there are different classes among people when they decide to go to either a private or a public school. The common question that parents ask themselves today is which is better? Public or private school?. The major differences between these two are organization and funding. There are vast differences between public and private schools. Private schools are not administered by the government and are operated by private individuals. Private
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schools accept students according to their academic standards, but generally private school students meet or exceed the standards of public school students. Private school students generally have smaller class sizes which mean a lower student to teacher ratio. Children will have more individualized attention and will have more opportunities for access to instructors. Students will have better performance and brighter children can be challenged by harder lessons. Students are also motivated to have better performance because private schooling requires tuition while, public schools only teach general and common studies that would be required for future life. Typically, private schools have newer facilities and materials such as newer textbooks and sports equipment. On the other side, public school education also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Public schools are controlled by the government. Public schools do not charge tuition and
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paper #4 - Hanifa Ayunisa EN 102 Research paper...

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