Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 - Organization is a learned skill....

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Chapter 9 - Organization is a learned skill. One of the best places to learn and apply organizational skills is in the preparation of a speech. Organizing your speech involves arranging its part into a systematic and meaningful whole. I. Organize the body of speech The body of a speech presents the main content. The principal subdivisions of a speech are critical in defining your thesis statement. A. Relate main points, specific purpose, and thesis. The main points serve as the basis for the thesis statement. Together, the specific purpose and the thesis will determine the direction of the speech. o Ex. Specific effect: to inform my audience about binge drinking and its effects. o Thesis: campus binge drinking is a serious problem with significant short-and long- term risks that may or may not be reduced by changes in the drinking age laws. B. Present the main points They should be carefully developed and written. They should also be specific, vivid, relevant, and parallel in structure. 1. Be specific The more specific the main points, the less confusion they will create and the more meaningful they will be to an audience. 2. Use vivid language: the more vivid the main points, the more likely they are to create interest. The main points should be thought-provoking, attention- grabbing ideas that stand out from the supporting materials. 3. Show relevance: main points that are relevant to the audience’s immediate interests encourage greater involvement and empathy. Using DIRECT references. 4. Create parallel structure: Main points should be expressed in parallel structure, using similar grammatical patters and wording, when possible. 5. Limit the number of main points: the time available, the content to be covered, the amount of information. II.
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 - Organization is a learned skill....

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