ch 9 - Hanifa Ayunisa Chapter 9 February 22, 2011 1. How do...

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Hanifa Ayunisa Chapter 9 February 22, 2011 1. How do the principal musical manifestations found in sub-Saharan Africa reflect the collective community and encourage group participation? Africa boasts many densely populated urban areas, and the continent is divided into three cultural zones: the pan Arabic zone, the Sahel Zone, and sub-Sahara Africa. The political borders of present-day Africa resulted European colonial occupation, and decades of Europeans colonial rule left strong marks on African life. African people began to think about the importance of collective community. An emphasis on the collective community remains an overarching principle essential to the social organization and cultural identity of many African populations. Social identity is valued over individual identity. Each person serves a function within the overall group. Everyone is considered part of the same family, whether or not they are related by blood. So, even when a person is physically “alone,” she is accompanied by one or more ancestor spirits who act as guardians and confidants. Music is a vital aspect of the daily lives of people throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and dance and singing are equally essential. Informal dance activity often takes place when large groups of people are gathered. An individual may spontaneously step out from the crowd to dance in conjunction with a musical performance. 2. How is polyrhythmic music created in sub-Saharan music? Polyrhythmic is the predominant structure for organizing instrument (as well as some vocal)
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ch 9 - Hanifa Ayunisa Chapter 9 February 22, 2011 1. How do...

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