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chapter 13 - The “New Age” movement of this period...

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Hanifa Ayunisa MU 111 Chapter 13 1. How have the powwow and the Native American flute shaped the outsider's view of Native American culture? The modern powwow is a pan-tribal event central to the cultural identity of the American Indians throughout North America. The powwow events were created in response to the decline of traditional Native spiritual, social, political, and economic practices. They became a means of reinforcing the unity and strength of Native American culture in order to ensure its survival. Music and dance are the main focus of powwow events. Each tribe displays its unique traditions through regalia and performance. Non-natives are sometimes encouraged to participapte in these dances as well. The flute is the most widespread melodic instrument found in Native American culture.
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Unformatted text preview: The “New Age” movement of this period, which drew heavily on Native American culture for inspiration, helped to encourage a renaissance of Native American flute performance. Flute is also used to tell a story. When the story is finished, the storyteller will play the flute while the listeners reflect on the meaning of the story. Flute is also a symbolic reminder of symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. The powwow events have started to educate many people about the Native American ways and values because many have gone to the events with the "Hollywood version" of U.S. natives. The flute and powwow have shown them that music can bring people together into one....
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