Electric Charge Quantization

Electric Charge - No smaller charge observed although “quarks”(constituents of protons and neutrons are expected to have fractional electric

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Electric Charge Quantization Experiment done by American physicist Robert Millikan demonstrated that electric charge is quantized. Millikan’s oil drop experiment balanced gravitational force, grav F , with electric force, coul F q = n e n = 0, ± 1, ± 2,. .. e = 1.6022 10 - 19 C There exists an elementary unit of charge!
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Unformatted text preview: No smaller charge observed, although “quarks” (constituents of protons and neutrons) are expected to have fractional electric charges. But nevertheless, quantization is still a unique feature. Electrons: q = -e , protons: q = + e . We don’t know why balanced!...
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