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Force Laws - | r 12 | 12 ˆ r is a unit vector pointing...

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Force Laws Unit of force is Newtons, N, (kg m s -2 ), in SI units Newton’s Law of Gravity: 1 2 2 12 12 ˆ grav G m m r F = r m is mass, measured in kg (SI units). Think of it as the “charge” for gravity. G = 6.67 10 - 11 N m 2 kg -2 is Newton’s gravitational constant 2 12 r 1 PHY2049 Physics 2 Lecture Notes Coulomb D. Acosta Page 2 8/25/11 12 r is the distance between two masses, i.e.
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Unformatted text preview: | r 12 | 12 ˆ r is a unit vector pointing along the direction between mass 1 and mass 2 Note that mass is always defined positive (only one type of gravitational “charge”). Also, the force is always attractive, not repulsive. So the direction of the force is always toward another mass....
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