Non - (Chap. 22, p.591) Find E at a distance z above the...

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Non-Infinite Plane For a non-infinite plane and a point a  distance z away, this formula is a very good approximation when z is small compared to the dimensions of the plane z is small compared to the distance from the edges Consider a charged disk of radius R 
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Unformatted text preview: (Chap. 22, p.591) Find E at a distance z above the center of a charged disk 7 z = 0.01R z = 0.05R z = 0.10R z = 0.50R PHY2049: Chapter 23 E = σ E exact = 0.95 E Gauss E exact = 0.90 E Gauss E exact = 0.55 E Gauss E exact = 0.99 E Gauss...
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