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FIN 301 Fall 2010 Midterm Instructions

FIN 301 Fall 2010 Midterm Instructions - Important...

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Important announcements for the midterm ( read all 10 points carefully ): 1. I would like to ask all Fin 301 students NOT to enter the lecture rooms (TL B1 and TL 12) until one of the proctors let's you know that we are done placing the exams on the desks. 1 2. There should be an empty seat separating you from the students sitting next to you on each side. 3. Exam versions A and B will alternate on the desks, and exchanging your exam from A to B (or B to A) will be considered cheating. If a proctor makes a mistake and you accidentally receive the same version of the exam as one of the other students sitting next to you, indicate the problem to one of the proctors immediately - please have a quick look both right and left before you sit down to make sure you have the correct version. There will be more seats than exams in both rooms: please sit where there is an exam – do not wait for us to find an exam for you and bring it to your seat.
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