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Unformatted text preview: I was wondering this too, i thought that maybe the return was just the Present Value with the 6 months incorporated, but i am not sure what i am suppose to express as a percentage? Look at slide 27 of lecture 2: Time value mechanics I looked at slide 28 (I think that's what you meant, as slide 27 didn't help) and it was helpful, but I'm having difficulty understanding the slides explanation for C1 and for there are no examples of how to solve similar problems that I can use for reference. What exactly is C1? I went through a numerical example in handwriting, using the tablet PC, when we covered this in class - if you no longer have it or somehow missed it, consider copying it from a classmate. C 1 is defined in the slide as "Cash from (+) or to (-) asset over holding period" which could be rent received if the investment is a building...
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